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Around these parts we are up to our elbows in wrapping paper and cookie dough!  Not the most comforting combination, but what do you expect days before Christmas? With all of this holiday prep, I figured now is the perfect time to take a little break from organizing talk and share a few of my favorite sights of the season.


Really, I am just beyond excited to share with you my late birthday/early Christmas present! I finally have got a new camera! I have been snapping pictures all over the place and I might be more than a little smitten with my latest purchase. Seriously, I don’t think I have ever taken pictures of cookie dough before now, but oh yes, here it is…


A new camera was long overdue, in fact my old camera started dying a slow death earlier this summer (view the image wreckage in this post). I have been borrowing a friend’s camera ever since (Thanks Natalie!).

Now though, I am in camera heaven. I have been capturing moments left and right; even images I would have never bothered to get the camera out of my purse for before. Like my daughter’s uncertainty captured in the moment of petting a bat ray during our recent aquarium trip.


I am always interested in others camera of choice, so I thought I’d share my new favorite compact camera. If this is a total bore, feel free to scroll down to more holiday photos of cute kiddos (I might be a little bias since they are my girls).

My search for a new camera began with a lot of research, I mean a lot of research! I quickly ruled out a DSLR. Although I enjoy the lovely and often times stunning pictures from DSLR cameras, the cost couldn’t be justified. I (previously) didn’t take that many pictures and the large size of the DSLR was a big turn off to ease of use on outings.

The top of line point-and-shoot cameras were the ones for us. We finally decided on the Canon PowerShot S95, which can be compared to a lower-end DSLR (besides that, we knew it was really all we would be able to afford right now). Plus, it is pocket-sized!

Before I start getting all technical on ya with the various reasons why this camera was the right choice for us, I will point you towards this love letter penned by the NY Times’ tech-guru David Pouge. He sums it up better than I could.

Once we found the perfect camera for our needs, we waited for the new model, the S100, to come out (this new model does have some additional features but not enough to convince us of the $200 price difference). With the newer, pricey model just released, coupled with Black Friday deals, it brought the price of our desired camera down to fit perfectly in our $300 camera budget. The newer model was featured on Live with Kelly as one of the best cameras out there on the market. I mean, how great is that for an expert opinion!

If you want a excellent camera, but can’t cross all the way over to an expensive DSLR, the Canon S95 is an excellent choice. I’m really just that smitten about it! So before I go back to the cookie dough and wrapping paper marathon, I’ll squeeze in a few more holiday shots to share with you.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

Like Mother, Like Daughter(s)

I walked in my daughter’s room and found her surrounded by a pile of items. “Her” drawer was open (each girl has their own drawer to store whatever little trinkets they would like. This system along with our formal toy storage takes care of all of our toys.)

“What are you doing?” I asked.

She beamed, “I’m organizing!”

Then the younger one joined in because she wants to be anywhere the party is.

The girls delighted each other with the finding of forgotten treasures. I was particularly surprised to find quite a good deal of actual sorting was happening. The girls took out and inspected each item and sorted them in to shoeboxes that were already in place to help corral their keepsakes.

I tried to stay out of it as much as possible and the final drawer was something any organizer could be proud of.

It definitely made me realize the little ones are paying more attention than you think (since the topic of organizing comes up quite a bit in our household as you can imagine).

What have your kiddos mimicked? Anyone walk in to find their kids organizing? Gotta admit, I was proud!

Happy Thanksgiving Day


I hope you have a wonderful day enjoying loved ones and food!

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