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10 Minute Tuesday: Jewelry


What do I do when the Grandparents take the kids for the day? Wanna guess? If you guessed organize, you’d be right. Today’s quest was to organize my jewelry, believe me, it is more fun then it sounds.  Plus it has been a long time coming.

Anyone else out there adoring some of the fabulous jewelry organization floating around Pinterest?

Well let’s just look at a few, shall we.

1. Apartment Therapy  / 2. Better Homes & Gardens  / 3. Better Homes & Gardens  / 4. Martha Stewart  / 5. Young House Love  / 6. Perfectly Pretty

I decided to take some inspiration from these beauties and stop neglecting my messy pile of jewelry.  Here’s a peek at the ongoing disarray of my collection. I typically try to keep it contained, but each time I search for something, it all winds up in a pile. The night before I took this picture, I’d been searching for a particular bracelet (I eventually realized it had been taken by my little one who decided to use it for dress-up).

In the name of 10 Minute Tuesday (only spending 10 minutes on a mini organizing project), I decided to spruce up my jewelry space. I set my timer for 10 minutes and let the fun begin.

Well, 10 minutes later and an attempt at being creative with an already owned 3-tier stand, here is what I came up with.

Honestly, this is really outside my comfort zone. I am not a huge fan of having things out i.e. visual clutter.  Plus the idea of everything getting dusty just sitting out there is not my favorite.

I think I might tuck it away in the drawer below, hidden from sight and dust. I already started collecting containers like image #4 above.

My final project will have to wait until another day, my 10 minutes are up!

Side note: If you notice, my dresser completely matches my wall. It wasn’t even planned, just stupid luck– well, if you can call it that, I don’t think having your dresser blend into the wall is a part of Decor 101.

How about you? Do you display your jewelry? Or do you like your little treasures tucked away out of sight? Do you like things out in the open and hate that “out of sight, out of mind” type of feeling? Do have 10 minutes to tidy up your jewelry?


Creating Visual Routines for Kids

I have always had an affinity for routines and schedules. As a child, I would ask my mom to write schedules for me including any chores or homework I had to do. I remember how invigorating that feeling was; having a plan to get everything done, and knowing each step to take. I would grip that little paper schedule in my hand all day long.

Fast forward to today and I know that as an adult, routines can be one of the most important aspects in organizing your day.  Now that I have children, I recognize how much they also love the security and structure of routines.

John Rosemond states in his book, Parenting by the Book,

“The first way to implement discipline in a family is through routines, very predictable routines. The more structure you bring to the life of the toddler through the establishment of routines, the more you prepare this child for the acceptance of other boundaries, because routines are really temporal boundaries of a sort. “

Morning and evening routines are common for school aged children but I have found benefits with my younger children. My daughters have simple morning and evening routines we’ve followed for over a year now (I started constantly incorporating routines when my youngest was 2 but I wish I would have started earlier).

Especially at a young age, creating something visual that your child can follow is key.

Jen from the knock-my-socks-off adorable blog, IHeart Organizing, made this Morning and a Bedtime Routine printables.


Based on Jen’s inspiration, I updated our own routines (you can download IHeart Organizing’s version for free but I wanted to make it our own).  I quickly typed out our morning and evening routines, added some clip art and hung it up, each in a plastic sleeve.

Click here to view and download Morning Routine or Bedtime Routine.

Often we use a white board marker to check off each step. You are welcome to use or edit for your own needs.

Amy from Living Locurto, has designed adorable flashcards for routines.  These are perfect for little ones and they are free too!

If you need some more ideas about coming up with routines for your children or yourself here are 5 steps to create your own routines.

Do you have structured routines for your kids? What do you include as part of your routine? Anyone else have a healthy obsession with schedules as a child?  Aren’t those routine flashcards freakin’ adorable?

Summer Browsing


In these late summer days, I am taking a break from organizing but not from my blog reading!  Here are a few that are sure to keep your mind off the heat.


Check out these 15 Clutter Busting Routines from Becoming Minimalist.

Time saving kitchen tips from the sister blog of Unclutterer, SimpliFried.

How to organize your children’s clothes storage from one of my favorites, Small Notebook.

Here is a classic guest post from Organized Junkie on what to do about other people clutter.


Check out more organizing blogs on the sites to inspire page.  What are you doing to drink in these last few days of summer?

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